EA Is Looking for Someone, Anyone, to Swoop in and Buy Them

Electronic Arts is actively seeking someone to sweep them off their feet, for a merger or outright buyout, according to a story first reported by Puck.

The company has held talks with a who’s who of media and tech conglomerates, including Apple, Comcast, Disney, and Amazon. EA allegedly tried to get Disney to take the leap back in March, to forge a relationship that was more than your run-of-the-mill licensing deals, but the House of Mouse was apparently not looking for commitment.

EA was apparently feeling left out with the news of Activision Blizzard getting snatched up by Microsoft and Destiny Studio Bungie hooking up with Sony. EA is literally acting like that one girl who goes on vacation with her friends who find flings for themselves, so she desperately goes after any available guy in the vicinity.

EA really should act less desperately and show a little self-respect.

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