The Medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are Made From Garbage and That’s a Good Thing

The medals that will be awarded to 2020 Olympians in Tokyo will be made from garbage, and that is a cool thing.

I’m an unabashed lover of Japanese culture and people and some of my fondest memories are of Japanese video games. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will also lean into gaming. So allow me to gush a bit here for the fine people of Japan.

Most interestingly, there is a possibility the medals athletes are competing for may have a bit of gaming in them.

The gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to the athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games not only represent the greatest honour for the athletes but also an opportunity for Japan to showcase its culture and charm to the rest of the world.

To produce these valuable medals, The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) conducted the “Tokyo 2020 Medal Project” to collect small electronic devices such as used mobile phones from all over Japan. This project makes Tokyo 2020 the first in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to involve citizens and to manufacture the medals using recycled metals.

The approximately 5,000 medals in total have now been produced from the small electronic devices that were contributed from people all over Japan. We hope that our project to recycle small consumer electronics and our efforts to contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable society will become a legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

To produce medals that embody the emotions of all those who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project, Tokyo 2020 launched a medal design competition to invite the public to submit design ideas for the medals. From the procurement of the metals to the development of the medal design, the entire country of Japan was involved in the production of the medals for the Tokyo 2020 Games – truly a project that was possible with the participation of everyone across Japan.

Tokyo 2020

Just think, there may be PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and I imagine a shit ton of Nintendo Wii consoles in Tokyo 2020 medals.

I reckon that this may be the most video game centric Olympics ever, which is pretty neat.

[Source: Tokyo 2020]

Weird Windows 1.0 Tweet was a Stranger Things 3 Promo


Last week, Microsoft confused a lot of folks when they tweeted some some cryptic Windows 1.0 related shit. Sure some smart folks were able to put the clues together, with most settling on some sort of Stranger Things 3 tie-in. Turns out that those people were “dead on balls accurate.”

Today, Microsoft announced the release of the Windows 1.11 app, which users can fiddle around with to unlock Stranger Things 3 related easter eggs.

Details from the Microsoft app store:

Experience 1985 nostalgia with a special edition Windows 10 PC app inspired by Windows 1.0—but one that’s been taken over by the Upside Down from Stranger Things. Explore the mysteries and secrets plaguing Hawkins, unlock unique show content and easter eggs, and play retro games and puzzles—all building off Stranger Things 3. Join Eleven, Steve, Dustin and gang as they seek to save Hawkins and the world. Embrace the 80s and grab your hairspray, because it’s basically the raddest show companion experience ever. But fair warning: beware the Mind Flayer.


Microsoft is also giving away a Stranger Things arcade cabinet to a lucky fan.

As a child of the 80’s I thoroughly approve of these tie-ins. With the wife and kids away for a few days, I plan to enjoy a binge watching session of this great show.

[Source: Microsoft]

Chinese Biotech Company Steals Worst Logo Possible

Chinese corporations love to steal and copy shit. That is a fact of life folks. I’m not giving them crap about it, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, one Chinese Biotech company could have not possibly ripped-off a worse logo.

The company, Shanghai Ruilan Bio Shayai Cell (thanks Google translate, I think), literally took the logo from Umbrella Corporation, aka the EVIL biotech company from Capcom’s Resident Evil, and color swapped the red for turquoise.

Let me reiterate. They stole a logo from a fictitious evil corporation that started a fucking zombie apocalypse, that just so happens to be in the same industry as your actual company.

This is some lazy ass shit. This company couldn’t even tweak this just a little bit to make it less obvious?

Konami Hops on Classic Console Nostalgia Bandwagon with the Turbografx-16 Mini

Konami is taking a break from managing pachinko parlors, health clubs, and shitting all over the Metal Gear franchise by launching the Turbo Grafx-16 Mini.

Full disclosure, the Turbo Grafx-16 holds a sentimental piece of my heart. First off, it was a decent console, going up against monsters like Sega and Nintendo. Secondly, a good childhood friend owned one and I have a lot of great memories playing the console together. Lastly, I was given a TurboExpress for Christmas ’90, and it was by far, one of the coolest gifts I have ever received. The fact that it was a portable that played the same games as the home console equivalent was mind boggling at the time, even though it sucked up AA batteries faster than Rick James sucked up coke.

If you’re astute, you may be thinking why Konami is launching this. Simply put, the TurboGrafx-16 was co-developed by Hudson and NEC. Konami fully absorbed Hudson Soft in 2012, so Konami now owns the brand.

So yes, Konami is cashing in on nostalgia and doing what they do best, which is milking the brands they own while putting in minimal effort, but at least the titles announced so far look good. Also, if the U.S. version doesn’t get Bonk’s Adventure, that’s bullshit.

Konami is also recognizing all the console variants and games for different regions, so depending where you live, you’ll get the mini specific to your region.

North America / Europe:

  • R-Type
  • Ys Book I & II
  • New Adventure Island
  • Ninja Spirit
  • Alien Crush
  • Dungeon Explorer


  • Bonk’s Adventure
  • Dracula X
  • The Kung Fu/China Warrior
  • Ys I & II
  • Super Star Soldier
  • Dungeon Explorer

Konami has not yet disclosed price and launch details.

Microsoft Kick-Offs E3 2019 With Sexy New Xbox Hardware, Games, Services

Microsoft kicked off E3 2019 on Sunday announcing plenty of games, but know what’s sexier than games. HARDWARE! Hot sexy hardware makes my blood boil, in good way.

Good stuff. Who doesn’t like POWER and short load times.

Project Scarlett comes out in the Fall of 2020, and by then Microsoft will have come up a terribly convoluted name. My money is on Microsoft Xbox One X-2 The Ocho.

Oh, and when the Scarlett comes out, you can become reacquainted with an old friend:

But wait, there more! I’ve been hankering for a new Xbox One Elite controller, which I love, but I’ve heard rumours that a new version was in development. Well here you go:

The Series 2 Elite controller, which you can pre-order today will last 40 hours on a single charge. The unit ships with a charging dock and costs a ridiculous $179.99. This thing is over-engineered and stupid expensive, and I want it so bad it hurts. I just pre-ordered mine because I have no fucking self control.

Of course there are games to be had as well, and new ways to play them on Project xCloud. Microsoft did not have a ton to say about xCloud, but what they did talk about looked promising. The best part, we’ll be able to try it out this October.

Like the Google Stadia, xCloud will let you play Xbox titles across multiple devices, whether its phones, tablets, TVs or computers. Unlike Stadia, xCloud will also allow you to stream games directly from your own local Xbox.

Yes, Sony did do this with PlayStation Remote Play, but that was pretty shitty. Hopefully Microsoft’s solution will be better.

As for games, there was plenty announced as well as Gears of War 5 (launching September 10) which everyone knew about, but looks good nonetheless. Kait is still a smoke.

Lastly, there’s Keanu…

Keanu is a national treasure. I’d buy Cyberpunk 2077 just because of Keanu. He’s so wise, like an American Buddha. Cyberpunk 2077, from CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077, launches April 16, 2020.

As for the rest of games well, here’s a handy list…

  • Bleeding Edge
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Blair Witch
  • Keanu Reeves In Cyberpunk 2077
  • Spiritfarer
  • Battletoads
  • RPGTime: The Legend of Wright
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition
  • Wasteland 3
  • Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga
  • Dragon Ball Z Project Z Action RPG
  • 12 Minutes
  • Way To The Woods
  • Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions
  • Gears Pop
  • State of Decay 2: Heartland
  • Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Crossfire X
  • Tales of Arise
  • Borderlands: Commander Lillith and the fight for Sanctuary
  • Ring of Eldin

All in all, a fun Sunday and good stuff coming to fans of the Xbox.

Samuel L. Jackson To Co-Host E3 Mother F-ing Live Tomorrow

Samuel L. Jackson, who is cool and terrifying at the same time, will be co-hosting Geoff Keighley’s E3 Live presentation on YouTube this year.

Jackson, who is a cool and frighteningly intimidating will be replacing former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime as co-host, who is also frightening and intimidating.

Canadian Paper Wastes Google’s Flavor – Leaks Stadia Pricing, Launch Date, Games, and Other Assorted Goodies

Canadians… They’re polite, have socialized medicine, are purveyors of maple syrup, gave us the delectable Tim Hortons, and have a good basketball team that will hopefully knock the shit out of the Golden State Warriors.

However, Canada does have a dark side. They gave us Drake, who can be obnoxious. Also, Canadian newspapers cannot keep their mouths shut. For example, Canadian newspaper, La Presse, went ahead and pretty much leaked all of the Google Stadia news scheduled to be presented later today.

According to the La Presse article, which has been taken down:

  • Stadia will launch in November with a base subscription rate of $11.99 Canadian per month. (No idea how much this is in real money)
  • Users will have access to games which can be played at 4K /60FPS.
  • Many games will be included “free” in a library ala Xbox Game Pass, however, newer games will need to purchased
  • A “Founder’s Edition” will launch this Fall which includes a Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia controller, a three-month subscription, and access to Destiny 2.
  • Down the road, in 2020, a “free” version of the Stadia service will be launched called Stadia Base. Apparently, games played at this version will be locked at 1080p.
  • Those worried about specs, minimum internet speed required to play games on the Stadia is 10 mbps down, 1 mbps up. (Games at this speed will probably suck ass)
  • Lastly, the games. Launch titles are expected to be Doom, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Destiny 2 and Tomb Raider trilogy.

All of this, of course will be corroborated when Google officially announces everything at 12:00 PM EST on June 6.

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Mysterious “Sources” Claim Destiny 2 Coming To Google Stadia and Getting Cross-Save Capabilities

Kotaku awaiting information from “Little Birds”

If Kotaku‘s sources are to be believed, they got the drop on the Google Stadia launch announcement planned for tomorrow and they are going to waste Google’s flavor.

If the “little birds” are to be believed, Google will announce tomorrow, along with price and launch date of the Stadia, that Destiny 2 is coming to the new streaming platform.

The informants also claim that cross-save functionality for Xbox One and PC will be enabled for the Google Stadia. So if you’re on a PC or an Xbox One, you can transfer your Destiny 2 progress over to the Stadia.

No news on the PS4 front, but given Sony’s past track record when it comes to playing nice “cross platform,” they’re probably not on board. They’ll have a lame excuse, like to protect the children, or some other lame ass bullshit.

Destiny 2 is probably a good title for the Google Stadia. If you think about it, Destiny 2 is not a twitch shooter, so any possible lag from streaming, can be hidden. Of course, if you’re playing in the Crucible, lag can be controller spiking infuriating.

We’ll see tomorrow, June 6 at 12:00 PM EST, when Google spills the beans.

[Source: Kotaku]

Latest Death Stranding Trailer Looks Amazing and Batsh*t Cray Cray

Death Stranding is most likely going to be an amazing game. Hideo Kojima is both a certified genius and psychopath. I have never watched a trailer for a video game that both excited me and yet left me utterly confused. I have no fucking idea what this game is about and that’s okay.

Seriously, what the fuck is going on here? I’ve had fever dreams that made more sense than this.

Kojima is not holding back. The suits at Konami are no longer looking over his shoulder stifling his creativity. Sony has given him carte blanche to make an exclusive for the PS4 and Kojima is taking full advantage. I’m looking forward to playing this game baked and having my mind blown.

Also, if you have $200 burning a hole in your pocket, then you should totally get the Collector’s Edition which includes a life-size “bridge baby” pod. Totally looks like a pickled baby. If the neighbors see this thing, they’re calling the cops.

Death Stranding comes out exclusively for the PS4 on November 8.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

I’ve Become a De Facto Expert of Video Games… And that Sucks 

Oh, hi there. It’s been awhile again. Been busy with my actual job and adult stuff. I actually got a promotion recently, and with it a whole caboodle of additional responsibilities. I actually have a fancy title with direct reports now, which let’s face it, is a terrifying prospect. The fact that the upper management at my company thinks that I should be providing mentorship and career advice to anyone has me questioning their decision-making skills. With that said, I’m still gaming AND writing when I can.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my latest: 

There is an old saying that goes, be careful what you wish for, because one day, it may come true. Older people would use this phrase as a response to me pining for something as child would always provide the most utterly ridiculous examples of why I should be “careful for what I wish for.” 

I immediately think back to the movie Home Alone, where a young Macaulay Culkin wishes for his family to disappear and in turn, they forget to take him on vacation to Paris, leaving home to fend for himself during the holidays. 

At first, he’s ecstatic, because he can do whatever he wants, but he soon learns that he misses and loves his family. This came after he tortures and nearly murders two burglars while narrowly avoiding being murdered by them. Really gets me into the Christmas Spirit. 

I remember teachers using this movie as example of being careful of what you wish for, and me thinking to myself, well that is a pretty outlandish. What are the chances that simply wishing to have some alone time leads to assaulting Joe Pesci via blow torch? 

It wasn’t until years later in a philosophy class that I took in college that I learned of the “slippery slope.” Unfortunately, I forgot after years of drinking and abusing my brain and body in various illicit ways.  So, a quick Google search and voila! 

“A slippery slope argument, in logic, critical thinking, political rhetoric, and caselaw, is a consequentialist logical device in which a party asserts that a relatively small first step leads to a chain of related events culminating in some significant effect. The core of the slippery slope argument is that a specific decision under debate is likely to result in unintended consequences. The strength of such an argument depends on the warrant, i.e. whether or not one can demonstrate a process that leads to the significant effect. This type of argument is sometimes used as a form of fear mongering, in which the probable consequences of a given action are exaggerated in an attempt to scare the audience. The fallacious sense of “slippery slope” is often used synonymously with continuum fallacy, in that it ignores the possibility of middle ground and assumes a discrete transition from category A to category B. In a non-fallacious sense, including use as a legal principle, a middle-ground possibility is acknowledged, and reasoning is provided for the likelihood of the predicted outcome.” 

See! It is amazing that after years of playing football before the invention of concussion protocols, combining Whippets with bong hits, and drinking copious amounts of cheap alcohol – and yet, everything turned out okay. Thank you internet and thank you Wikipedia! 

However, can there possibly be a grain of truth to all of this? I have learned that you should indeed be careful of what you wish for. Hear me out on this. 

When I was in my early teens, back in the greatest decade, known as the 1990’s, my parents and especially my father would ask me when and I’m going to give up playing with these “toys?” The “toys” he was referring to, were video games.  

“Never,” would be my reply. “Gaming is the way of the future and I will never stop. You’ll see, one day, video games will be more popular than everything.” I was a smart kid if I do say so myself, and is it turns out, I was right.  Video games did indeed become insanely popular and mainstream. I am vindicated. So why do I wish gaming was a more niche and less mainstream now? 

Kids find out that I am a gamer and they want to play with me like I’m a novelty. Let’s play with the old man they squeal gleefully, like I’m a dancing monkey or a horse that knows how to do math by tapping its hoof. I don’t like this. I’m not a freak. I’M NOT AN ANIMAL! 

It doesn’t stop there either. Other, non-gaming parents want to know what is good for their kids. I’ll get accosted at functions and get asked questions like, “Hey, you play video games, what’s the deal with Fortnight, Overwatchor whatever new gaming craze of the moment?” To which my reply is, “I don’t know, I don’t play those types of games,” to which many times, is a lie. I just don’t want to discuss games with a non-gamer and also, they should fucking Google it. I’m not trying to be a jerk but discussing video games with someone who is not interested in gaming and solely asking for their kids is mind numbing and negatively impacts my buzz. 

Even scarier than acquittances asking about gaming is the out of the blue stranger wanting to pick my brain about gaming. I travel a lot for work and always brought along a handheld or even more recently, my Nintendo Switch, the sight of which, earlier on, nearer to the console’s launch, would illicit a few questions on the device.  

It’s for these reasons that I avoid gaming related small talk with all strangers. I used to avoid telling people that I was a gamer because I wanted to avoid the negative stereotypes and connotation, on how gaming was anti-social, or for nerds, or for children, or too violent, or made children too violent. Now I avoid gaming related chit chat because I don’t want to get dragged into boring conversation. 

Now there is an even a more troubling issue. I have found that other adults want to know if I can help onboard them into gaming again as they haven’t played in years but want to start up because gaming is popular again. Case and point, my neighbor swung by the house the other day to pick up his daughter, who was on a play date with my daughter and noticed a copy of Game Informer (yes, I’m a dope) on the shelf.  

He apparently turned to my wife and was surprised to find out that I was a gamer, as I didn’t seem like someone who played video games. He mentioned that he used to be a gamer himself, but fell out of it, but perhaps he would pick it up again, with my help. My wife thought this was quaint, while I thought that this idea was terrifying. I’m not trying to be an ass, but the last thing I want to do is to teach another grown man how to be a gamer. I’m too old to be someone’s video game mentor. 

Lastly, I’m reluctant to become friends with other adult gamers, who want me to join up in their leagues or gamer groups. This happens a lot at work actually, where a random co-worker finds out that I am a gamer and then wants my Gamertag so that we can meet up online later. However, I avoid this at all costs for purely selfish and paranoid reasons. Selfish reasons in that I don’t want to give up my free time to play with someone new as I am pretty set in my ways. I don’t want to alter my schedule or the types of games that I enjoy to play with someone new.  

Also, what if I ditch work one day to play video games and my coworker sees me online for 8 hours when I told everyone that I contracted dengue fever? That can lead to bad optics and uncomfortable conversations with HR. 

It’s funny that I have gotten to this point. I wanted to so bad for gaming to become mainstream, and now that it is, I don’t want to embrace it, because I’ve become a tired old man. I almost yearn for the days where gaming was more niche, but I realize that is very selfish. So now I prefer to shut myself in my man cave and play inconspicuously with my small group of friends or randos, rarely revealing my true identity of a gamer. Unless I get pushed, by a young whippersnapper, then I have to beat him down. Never underestimate the old man gamer.