The Nintendo Switch Reveal Has Opened Up a Lot of Questions

The Nintendo Switch reveal has stirred up a lot of excitement and rightfully so. The Switch is a bit of fresh air from a company that has been feeling a tad stale and listless for the past few years.

What surprised me most about the reveal was how much Nintendo actually showed. They didn’t just offer a brief glimpse, but rather a full proof of concept on how this new hybrid console actual works, albeit in a very stylized world inhabited by what appears to be independently wealthy millennials with a lot of free time on their hands.

It turns out however, with the all the questions that gamers had about the mysterious NX turned Switch that were answered in the trailer, even more questions have arisen.

How much is the console going to cost? Is the console a touch screen? Is there motion controls? Is there haptic feedback on the “joy-cons?” How long does the battery last? Is there backward compatibility and with what? What’s causing this rash? Etc, etc, etc…

Thanks to Famitsu (and Google translate) we have a few answers and many more non-answers.

According to Nintendo, “…since the Nintendo Switch is not a Wii U or Nintendo 3DS successor machine, you can not play with Wii U disk software and Nintendo 3DS card.” So this is a new era and generation. No backwards compatibility, but perhaps emulation through a digital store is in the works, as this was not ruled out.

There has also been rumors of a slim bundle and deluxe bundle. When pressed on what will ship in the box. The Nintendo rep was noncommittal at this time, but did state that, “concerning product mix (it) will be published again around before launch, but two Joy-Con, ie. Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R) is a bundled.”

As for battery, price, touch screen, etc…? We will have to wait, as the Nintendo representative was not prepared to discuss anything else at the time. In fact, he probably already said too much and is being given his ribbons of shame as we speak.

Nintendo Debuts the Switch

After a ton of speculation, Nintendo has finally pulled back the curtain on the NX.

First things first, it’s not the NX anymore, but rather the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has surprised me by showing off so much more than what I expected.

I’m legitimately excited for this.

Nintendo NX Trailer Coming Today

Today at 10:00 AM EST, Nintendo will release the first trailer for its next console, code-named the NX.

Via an official Nintendo tweet, the video is will be 3 minutes long, so lets hope that it shows something substantial, to hold us over a bit.

Also, that Mario image is making me feel uneasy.

Nintendo NX Leaks Aplenty

Take the following with a healthy helping of salt, but there’s been a fair amount of NX information leaking out today.

First off, there’s the following tweet from WSJ reporter Takahasi Mochizuki.

“Speculation is Nintendo would unveil NX details in coming week. I guess all we can do is just wait. No announcement from company yet.”

— Takashi Mochizuki (@mochi_wsj) October 16, 2016


  • “Interact with your game on the go.” phrase seen on a poster.
  • Strong co-branding effort with a Mario launch title on many posters.
  • Console is currently set to launch with least 4 titles on deck.
  • Stores should be receiving demo units around February.
  • Base price point seems to be sitting at $299.99


  • The NX is currently set to have a bundle option.
  • The contents of this bundle is currently unknown.
  • Bundle price is currently sitting at $399.99


  • The packaging for the NX will be slightly larger than the Wii U’s packaging.
  • The packaging is relatively clean and simple and is similar to the Wii U in terms of package design.
  • The color scheme for the packaging is white and blue (compared to the Wii U’s blue and black).
  • The packaging still says “NX” however there is still no indication if this is a placeholder or the final name.
  • The areas of the packaging that would usually depict the hardware were blurred and redacted by Nintendo in attempt to keep it hidden.

Features and Specs:

  • Games will be on cartridges – Information from another source leads us to believe that these will be about the size of a Compact Flash
  • 4k streaming has been mentioned. – What this likely means is playback of content such as Netflix, etc. Not gameplay.
  • 1080p and 60fps are being used by the marketing teams in relation to gameplay on to the console portion. I’ve heard unconfirmed rumblings of 900p for the infamous hybrid part of the device.

Who doesn’t love a good juicy rumor, just be sure to sure to take the proper precautions when ingesting.