Rockstar May Be Teasing an Undead Nightmare 2

Man it has been a slow month for gaming. Is it just me or is or is there a lack of juice this fall season. Fall used to be about AAA titles generating a ton of buzz. Maybe it’s because new consoles are a year away and publishers are keeping everything in their pants. Because of this, I have not been writing as much, but finally there is something intriguing that is happening, thanks to Rockstar Games.

Red Dead Online players have been spotting NPCs that look a little worse for the wear. Some have speculated that this is a glitch, but come on, I know a fucking zombie when I see one.

The original Undead Nightmare was an expansion for Red Dead Redemption back in 2010. That title just so happened to be released right around Halloween time.

Coincidence? I think not.

Take-Two Says Red Dead Online Doing Great – Despite Being Total Crap

Red Dead Online is not good. There, I said it. Oh, how I wanted it to be good. Once I completed the wonderful single player, I dipped my toe into the multiplayer beta, just to be utterly disappointed by how crappy it was and never returned. Has it improved since then? I don’t know and don’t care

However, during Take-Two’s quarterly earnings call, they claim that Rockstar’s latest cowboy open-world multiplayer thing is actually performing better than GTA Online did during the same respective stage.

For what it’s worth, I thought GTA Online was shit too and underwhelming compared to the fun single-player version of the game.

I see a theme here. If Take-Two and Rockstar want me to go back to playing Red Dead Redemption 2, give me single player DLC. I will gladly pay for it. Let me play as Sadie Adler, that sassy bounty hunter with a heart of gold that survived the main story. Let’s she what shenanigans she gets into.

[Source: Eurogamer]