Reggie Fils-Aime Fought Miyamoto To Include Wii Sports as a Free Pack-In on the Nintendo Wii

Maybe not in the literal, throwing fists sense, but according to Reggie Fils-Aime, he had to fight Shigeru Miyamoto to have Wii Sports packed in for free with the Nintendo Wii.

In Mr. Fils-Aime’s own words, from his latest biography:

“So now Mike [Fukuda] and I were trying to get agreement to two different bundles, and the world’s best game designer was not happy. The ever-present smile and impish squint of My Miyamoto’s eyes were gone. ‘Neither of you understands the challenges of creating software that people love to play. This is something we constantly push ourselves to do. We do not give away our software,’ Mr. Miyamoto stated.”

Reggie Fils-Aime / Disrupting the Game

But, give away the software he did, and it was a good decision. First off, the Nintendo Wii went on to sell like crazy. Secondly, you do not cross Reggie, as he will fucking smash you.

[Source – Disrupting the Game]

Miyamoto’s Enthusiasm is Infectious as He Gives a Sneak Peak of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

As a father to two little girls, I know a thing or two about theme parks, as I have been to my fair share of them. They’re expensive, crowded, and exhausting experiences… Happiest places on earth my ass.

As an adult, there was only one theme park that genuinely excited me, and that was Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Now, you can add Super Nintendo World to that list.

Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan seems like a legit destination. The attention to detail appears to be spot on, and I’m looking forward to Super Nintendo World opening at Universal Orlando in the future. I can imagine that Nintendo will eventually expand to their entire catalogue. Imagine a Zelda Land, or Metroid Planet, etc…

Next time the wife and kids drag me and my wallet to Orlando to visit Disney, the old man is going to insist we spend a day at Universal Studios. Like Star Wars, I grew up with this shit, and marketers now that the quickest way to my wallet is nostalgia.

[Source: Nintendo]