A Fan Favorite Map is Returning to Titanfall 2

When Respawn is not bickering and being all passive aggressive with their overlords at EA, they make some really good games.

Case and point, they are bringing back a fan favorite (and personal favorite) map from the original Titanfall. Quite frankly, this trailer looks amazing.

“Angel City’s Most Wanted” map will be available on December 1st. It will also be free and free is good.

EA Caps Off a Week Bizarre and Cringe Inducing Marketing

EA’s marketing team has not had a great couple of weeks.

I guess you can say it all started with the Peter Moore Battlefield Onsie tweet (see above), which was neither funny or original. EA followed up with that now deleted tweet last week with a series of bizarre Battlefield 1 memes like the ones below.

Again, these #justWWIthings tweets are very uninspired. The issue here is that EA positioned Battlefield 1 initially as being respectful to the horrors of World War 1. These series of tweets are a big departure from that initial messaging, to say the least.

Now, EA’s marketing team decided to throw some shade at the competition, by taking a jab at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The folks at Respawn, were not too pleased with that tweet apparently, and followed up with a not too subtle tweet of their own.


Okay everyone. Let’s just take a breath and give it a rest with the memes and nastygrams.