Valve Has Simultaneously Made Me Excited for Half Life and VR

Let’s be honest with ourselves, making games is obviously not Valve’s main priority anymore. Valve is a distributor of games first and foremost. Steam is what Valve does now.

Valve has also dipped its toes into the VR arena with the Index. What better way to tout your hardware and software distribution platform, than dusting off a beloved franchise?

Dear god does this look fine. I so want to believe that this will be a good game. How us old timer gamers have yearned for a return to the Half Life universe.

Half Life: Alyx is slated for release March 2020.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney Goes on Twitter to Explain Why His Epic Game Store Has a Hard On for Exclusives

Tim Sweeney only looks like he owns a windowless van, he’s actually ridiculously rich and is the founder of Epic Games. Epic also has a couple of things going for it, in case you didn’t know—like Fortnite and the bane of Valve’s existence, the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store in particular has precious PC gamers all butt hurt, because Epic has been going hard locking down exclusives to beat their nemesis Steam.

I don’t think Sweeney needs to explain anything, he’s running a business and competing against Valve, and business can be ruthless. However he went onto Twitter to explain some shit:

Props to Sweeney for actually going on Twitter to explain his rationale. The responses were predictably trollish, but he tried none-the-less.

[Source: Twitter]